The District Burlington Environmental Graphics

A major part of the re-positioning, redevelopment and re-branding of The District Burlington was the signage program.  The 1.1M SF campus, in an effort to shed the old and tired identity of New England Executive Park and better reflect the all new amenities, architecture and programming that better suits the area’s forward-thinking workforce, has received quite a face lift!

The development team worked with Poulin + Morris, a visual communications and environmental graphics company from New York City, to design and implement a new signage and way finding program throughout the campus.  P+M recently featured the project in their e-newsletter.  They described their approach and posted some great pictures here:

The challenge for the design team at Poulin + Morris was to create a comprehensive approach to presenting information throughout the complex that also reflects The District Burlington’s distinction as a vibrant enclave suited to innovative, 21st century businesses. The overall exterior program is characterized by dimensionality; nothing is flat or conventional. As you approach the complex gateway, the name The District Burlington appears in three-foot-high letterforms that appear integrated with a stone wall. Each individual letterform is comprised of multiple aluminum fins with interior LED illumination that produces a distinct orange glow at night. As you navigate throughout the development, building identification signs, building address identification signs, commercial and retail tenant directories, and street signs are all made distinctive by a fold in the metal, often cutting through numbers or symbols. These folds are a three-dimensional interpretation of the distinctive diagonal slash evident in The District Burlington’s logotype. That motif, along with edging in orange that recalls the project’s main identification sign, is found throughout the entire sign program. Overall, the complete program contributes to The District Burlington’s goal of creating a vibrant, forward-looking workspace that appeals to the most modern companies.